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Building Your Brand on Facebook

The fastest growing social network With over 500 million active users, Facebook has become a personal, product and corporate branding hub. Every brand that exists on Facebook has the same core features and benefits, such as the ability to create a page, share resources, add multimedia and much more. You have a unique opportunity to leverage this platform for career success or as a playground for you and your closest friends.

You are what you publish and first impressions are everything.

So, how do you get started building your brand on Facebook?  These are just suggestions, you’ll have to make them your own by adding your personality and story to the mix.

1. Know your audience

The big Number 1 basic that many people miss.  Know who your want to communicate with.  Too many people are sharing information to the wrong audiences. Your manager doesn’t want to know if you just went to the bathroom and, although your parents would love to eavesdrop on your relationship with your girlfriend or boyfriend, you might not want to share those details. Step 1:  Decide what audiences you want to connect with on Facebook.

  1. Is it to communicate with your family and friends?
  2. Is it to network with professionals that could help you get a job?
  3. Is it to promote your own business?

These are questions you need to start asking yourself before you add “friends” to your Facebook profile. If you decide to open it up to the masses, then you need to be mindful of what you share and how that could impact people’s perception of you.

2. Decide on your branding strategy

Everyone should have a Facebook branding strategy and it should be based not only on the audience you’re targeting, but your overall life goals. Depending on who you are, where you are in your career, what you’re passionate about and an expert in, you’ll want to brand yourself differently.

If you haven’t signed up for Facebook, then you have a great opportunity to start fresh and to build your Facebook profile to best represent you. If you’re a current Facebook user, then start analyzing how your brand is being portrayed and take steps to customize it to reflect your branding strategy.

If you don’t want to build a branding empire, a strategy should still be extremely important to you; you’re already branded and that brand can help shape perceptions online to portray you in a positive light and help you secure a good reputation. This means choosing what you say and how you say it carefully.  The links and media you share in your news stream to add value to your brand and those you’re friends with.

3. Fill out your profile completely

Facebook is a great platform where you can paint a picture of who you are. When filling out the information fields, be sure to focus on the education and work section, where you can reconnect with fellow alumni from college, or past colleagues.

In the contact information field, be sure to list your blog, any websites you might own and links to your profiles on other social networks. Depending on your Facebook brand strategy, you’ll want to promote more information in certain fields like your contact information and less in other fields.

4. Update your status

Updating your status on Facebook allows your to project a single message to a large audience. Your status is a reflection of who you are and what you do. You can update your status with press mentions, your latest blog entry, a new project you’re working on or your interest in a particular job. Based on your branding strategy, you’ll want to update your status to either keep people informed about what you’re up to, push them to your content or both.

5. Start a group or a page

Facebook groups have fewer features than Facebook pages, but they are still important. Use a Facebook group to bring people together in your industry, become a valuable contributor to that community and market your blog, your product, or yourself! Facebook groups let you share links, videos, photos, and start discussions.

Facebook pages are for companies or brands.  These pages resemble your Facebook profiles, so only use one if you have a large number of Facebook friends. By having a Facebook page, your brand can go viral, holding a spot on other people’s profiles. The other main advantage is that your page will rank high for your name in Google and you can use it for your professional career, while keeping your personal profile private.

6. Link out to your Facebook profile

You might already have a blog and accounts on other social networks, including Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. If you do and your Facebook strategy is to promote yourself and remain public, then placing a link (and possibly a Facebook icon) on these other sites to your Facebook profile is a great idea.

As the chief marketing officer for your personal brand, you want to build your friend list, so that you have more people to market to now and in the future. Think of your Facebook profile as a digital asset and grow the equity in that asset over the rest of your life.

7. Feed your social networks

By using a social media scheduler like SocialOomph, Hootesuite and others, you can update your status on Facebook, as well as many other social networks in an instant, without duplicating your efforts. Also, you can import your blog titles in Facebook using notes or by using an application called Simple RSS.

Not only does this make you more productive, but it appears as though you’re contributing to your community, without you having to think about it. Since Facebook is all about sharing, those that share more will be remembered more, which is great for personal branding

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When Type is Tricky

All of us write the “stuff” that others have to read.  We write blogs, business letter, invitations and announcements, all with the underlying optimism that our communication will be clear and free of distractions.

Today I just happened upon this handy article that provided a humorous look at 34 Typographic Sins.  They are simple, direct and effective reminders of what makes good copy. Enjoy!

Sample of the article

Download the poster with all 34 Typographic Sins